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Integrity, Team work, Peace, Love , Passion and Hard work


Who We Are


Women empowerment for nation building


To build a sustainable platform for women development and security through capacity building and empowerment

Prime Unique Women Initiative (PUWI) is a non-governmental organization that is passionate about the woman. It aims to improve her on all sides, support women and children in crisis, provide post crises relief and rehabilitation of victims of insecurity especially women and children. The organization also sets out to inculcate the habit of security consciousness into women in the home front and their entire vicinity. The first contact the child has is with the mother. Mothers are very important to the security structure of every country hence, PUWI is determined to ensure mothers are on top of the security situations at all times. Just like during the second world war between 1939-1945 where women for the first time had to take other functions in the public sector (police), women in Nigeria want to come out and put their heads together to see how we can support the men as we have come to know that security is not the responsibility of the men only but women also. PUWI, is set out to intellectually equip the woman to protect herself financially, economically, physically and in all ramifications possible by empowering her to perform more.

  • We advocate for poverty alleviation, creation of a sustainable platform for women development and security through capacity building and empowerment across the globe using a multi-layered strategy of advocacy, community engagement, capacity building and private-public sector partnerships.


  • With a mission so audacious as delivering global standards of women empowerment for nation building, the importance of the individual cannot be overstated. We achieve economic growth through the improvement of one life at a time.


  • Our success is contingent upon cultivating the unique triumphs of women, individuals, families, communities and countries at large and we do hope that in this race of touching human lives, the world will join us


To empower women entrepreneurs through cooperative schemes

To create platforms for economic empowerment for women and youth

 To organize conferences, workshops and seminars on modelling and simulation of socio-economic phenomena and allied issues for self-reliant

To inculcate security culture into women and young people

To rehabilitate and empower vulnerable women affected by internal crisis and conflicts

To create and provide opportunities for women to act as agents of social change through capacity building and advocacy

To provide motivational, emotional strategic support and mentorship for young girls to succeed in life

To network with other organizations with similar aims and objectives.