The home has long been cherished as a person’s safe haven. This idyllic picture, however, is fast changing. Family violence, which includes child abuse, spouse beating, and homicide, is making news headlines all over the world. There are husbands who batter wives, wives who attack husbands, parents who cruelly beat their young children, and grown children who abuse their elderly parents.

Domestic Violence is not physical violence alone. It includes being pushed or jostled to being slapped, kicked, choked, beaten, threatened with a knife or a gun, or even killed. Name-calling, shouting, constant criticism, and degrading insults are all part of domestic violence. In fact, domestic violence is any behavior the purpose of which is to gain power and control over a spouse, partner, girl/boyfriend or intimate family behavior.

One study finds that among reported violence between couples, about one quarter of the cases are started by the man, another one quarter by the woman, and the rest can best be described as brawls in which both parties must share the blame. So, violence between couples is neither here nor there. Both must work hard at curbing this menace.

Especially sad is the emotional battering of a child—the constant criticizing and belittling of a child’s abilities, intelligence, or value as a person. Such verbal abuse can destroy the spirit of a child.

Curbing these, and many other forms of domestic violence and/or abuse, will be the focus of the forthcoming Web Conference on Domestic Violence, appropriately themed, Domestic Violence: Curbing the Silent Crisis of the 21st Century.

  • To learn, unlearn and relearn what is domestic violence;
  • To uncover the damaging effect of domestic violence on victims;
  • To help participants and/or abusers see the need to transform their way of thinking;
  • To advocate the invaluable role of effective communication in curbing the menace of domestic violence;
  • To expose the role of the media, NGOs and relevant government agencies in the fight against domestic violence; and
  • To instill hope in victims of domestic violence.
  1. ALL (irrespective of age, sex, social status, etc)
  • DATE: Wednesday, August 5th to Thursday, August 6th, 2020
  • TIME:  10AM – 1PM daily
  • VENUE: Zoom

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