A One Day Medical Outreach In BMUKO

Prime Unique Women Initiative, a committed NGO focusing on empowering women and communities, recently orchestrated a remarkable one-day medical outreach in the heart of Bmuko, a rural community nestled within the Bwari Area Council of Abuja.




The outreach went beyond conventional medical services, offering an extensive range of support to the residents. Free medical check-ups were administered to address immediate health concerns, while the provision of medical treatments aimed at alleviating ongoing health issues underscored the NGO’s commitment to holistic well-being.

In a bid to enhance visual health, Prime Unique Women Initiative distributed free eye glasses to those in need, recognizing the pivotal role vision plays in overall health and daily life.




However, the benevolence did not stop there. The NGO, true to its mission, embraced the spirit of generosity by distributing free gifts, including essential items that would contribute to the residents’ quality of life. The distribution of food and cash gifts further highlighted the organization’s dedication to addressing not only health but also socio-economic needs within the community.

The response from the Bmuko community was overwhelmingly positive. Residents expressed their genuine happiness and appreciation for the services rendered. Testimonials flowed, echoing the tangible impact of Prime Unique Women Initiative’s efforts on the lives of those it reached.

Crucial to the success of this outreach was the collaboration with the district ruler of Bmuko community, whose steadfast support played a pivotal role. The NGO extends its heartfelt gratitude to the chief, recognizing the importance of community partnerships in creating sustainable change.

This Medical Outreach exemplifies the transformative power of Prime Unique Women Initiative, demonstrating how a focused and compassionate approach can bring about positive change in the lives of individuals and communities, especially in underserved rural areas. The success of this medical outreach reinforces the organization’s commitment to its mission, leaving a lasting imprint on the Bmuko community.

The management of Prime Unique Women Initiative wishes to extend her heartfelt appreciation to all her members who made this outreach a resounding success. We also appreciate the sincere efforts of our Volunteers, Sponsors, and partners.

The district head of Bmuko, Ibrahim Yahaya Dangana, who expressed his gratitude to the stakeholders, said it was a laudable initiative for the NGO to remember his community and come with so much good tidings, he prayed for the management and mentioned that he looked forward to future initiatives.

The President of Prime Unique Women Initiative (PUWI), Dr. Mrs. Folake Yobah addressed the gathered community with profound compassion and commitment. Dr. Yobah, visibly moved by the stories and experiences shared by the residents, spoke about the organization’s dedication to making a lasting impact on the lives of women in particular, and communities at large.

The President of the NGO acknowledged the challenges faced by the Bmuko community and reiterated PUWI’s commitment to providing sustained support. “Today is not just about medical services; it’s about solidarity, and a shared commitment to uplift one another,” she expressed.

The President’s pledge to do more than just scratch the surface of the community’s needs left an indelible mark, inspiring both the residents and volunteers alike to work together towards a brighter, more empowered future.

The executive director of Prime Unique Women Initiative, Mr. Clement Nseobong, empathized with the struggles faced by families in the community and assured the Bmuko community that this medical outreach was only the beginning. He spoke about PUWI’s plans to implement long-term projects focusing on education, skill development, and economic empowerment for residents in the area. “We are here for the long haul,” he declared, emphasizing that PUWI’s dedication to the well-being of the community goes beyond sporadic events.