July Membership Developmental Program

Report on Prime Unique Women Initiative (PUWI) Membership meeting held on 10th July 2021, the meeting was to commence around 11:00am an d the first two people to come first will be empowered, Mrs. Alice Okpe arrived at 10:0am while Mrs. Momoh arrived at 10:45am, the two of them were selected for empowerment in the mouth of July.

The Meeting started properly 11:30am with Introduction of members and intended and also achievement of their various business.

Mrs Adeyemi address the house on behalf of Prime Unique Women Initiative (PUWI) President and also encourage every member to be on time for every meeting and that meetings will be held one Saturday in a month which was accepted by members.

Mrs Adeyemi took them practical on how to make healthy Puff-Puff with carrot and orange and also pineapple and orange drink. The class was interesting and all the members pick interest. Thereafter Mr Clement Nse (ED) who came to address and empowered the two women who came on time for the meeting.

Refreshment was Shared and the meeting close around 2:00pm.