A 3-Day Web Conference on RAPE


Prime Unique Women Initiative presents A 3-Day Web Conference on RAPE

Theme: Demystifying the Tragedy of Rape: Choose to be a Victor

Date: 14th – 16th July, 2020.

Venue: Zoom

Time :10am -12pm

Participation Fee: FREE

  •  Identify immediate and remote causes of rape and it’s sudden upsurge;
  • Address long-held misconceptions about rape that serve to blame rape victims;
  • Learn, unlearn, and re-learn practical steps to prevent rape;
  • Elucidate on the invaluable role of discretion in avoiding the tragedy of rape;
  • Expose the various avenues of help available to rape victims.
  • Erase long-held misconceptions about rape that serve to blame the victim and further perpetuate attitude that encourage the perpetrators;
  • Equip participants on practical steps to take when faced with the threat of rape;
  • Help participants to identify potential rapist and take informed decision;
  • Educate participants on the importance of resisting an attacker from the first moment;
  • Expose participants to available weapons that can be employed to resist attack;
  • Train participants on how best to seek help and cope with rape.
  • Secondary School girls of all ages
  • Undergraduate female students
  • Parents (especially women)
  • Ladies of all ages
  • Female teachers
  • School owners of girls’ school (especially women)
  • All who are sufficiently enraged with the brutal act of rape

Interested Participants should please fill the form using the link below.