April Membership Developmental Program

Prime Unique Women Initiative (PUWI) is one of the foremost non-governmental organization in Nigeria that deals with Women Empowerment, Our Vision “Women Empowerment for Nation Building” show cases what we believe in. As an Organization, we believe in empowering women through mostly Education (Teaching). We see Education as the bedrock that creates the right mind-set for growth in every human being. Because of this our believe, We run a lot of workshops and trainings aimed  at creating the right mind-set in women that can enhance their well-being mentally, emotionally, psychologically and physically.

We are an organization that is passionate about women and therefore seek to improve in all sides by supporting women, not just women but women and children in crises. As an organization, we set out to inculcate in women, security consciousness not just in their home fronts alone but also in their entire vicinity. This is because we know and believe in the importance of women in all spheres of life; the first contact of a child with the world id the mother, women are wives who also liaise with men, as colleagues in offices, women play vital roles even in nation building. We strongly believe that training one woman means training a nation hence our collaboration with women. Our mission as an organization is to build a sustainable platform for women development and security through capacity building and empowerment.