Keynote Address on a 2 Day workshop on Emotional intelligence for officers wives and female officers. By HE Dame Pauline Tallen OFR KSG Hon Minister of Women Affairs.

My Sincere greetings to all participants to this greet workshop on Emotional intelligence.

The Federal ministry of Women Affairs is carryouta robust leadership and capacity based programmes to further enhance the chances of women in National Development.

This programme is a collaboration between Federal ministry of women Affairs t Prime unique women Initiative,

a demonstration of the commitment my ministry has on women and gender development.

Emotional intelligence is a veritable tool for Effective service delivery, therefore all hands must be on deck,to ensure it is applied in our day to day activities to enhance efficiency.

I urge all participants in this workshop to adopt various strategies learnt here to further add value to thier respective organizations.

How can women leverage thier skills to reach leadership positions?

This can be achieved through exploring and leveraging on contemporary skills,using Emotional intelligence.

Without Emotional intelligence,high performance at work place and team success will be limited.

Recently the pandemic that ravage the world has given raise to changes in the workspace.

 Many work from home,use of technology and other forms of virtual communication.

In the New normal,if we must achieve our gender policy mandate Emotional intelligence is our greatest asset.

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Long Live the Federal ministry of Women Affairs..