The woman is an adult being biologically female with a burning desire to be the best she can be. From creation, the making of a woman is tantamount to the salient need for companionship, partnership, care and growth. Although this purpose of creation and perception that the woman is of a weaker stem has resulted to certain kind of gender rigidity in roles, equality and societal definition of her place. While this kind of gender rigidity goes far beyond clothing, hairdo and choice of words, it is a very useful metric for understanding the point of how small the society already thinks the woman can perform thereby assigning ”easy” responsibilities to her which limit her functionality and drive for exploration of her intrinsic ability. The popular saying which goes ”Behind every successful man is a woman” connotes her importance not only in the aspect of the system of support which she gives to the man but for the functioning of the whole world. She is said to be the ultimate strength and support behind the success of an individual. lots of differentiation and discrimination exist under the pretence of gender as males and females. Non the less,they have been in existence from time immemorial.

A female bear’s several characteristics which different from her male counterparts ranging from factors such as physical, mental, biological and reproductive, there are inbreed rights from when the mother conceives a female child. Women have these very important functions totally absent in the man, menstruation, pregnancy and lactation. Each of these mechanism influences the behavioural patterns of a woman greatly. Another of such factor is physiological. Following recent researches, women genetic predisposition matches considerably well with the authentic leadership style which allows a leader to embrace value and purpose. In every area which the woman overseas, she has truthfully displayed these traits. Ultimately, the woman can be likened to the onion of many fractions as she is endowed with many abilities. Every layer of the onion peeled off represents her ability to contend with new situations, regardless of its consequences and the development of new strategies to overcome as the going gets tough. This therefore means that the woman can adapt to several situations. (pleasant/unpleasant) and thus, provides handy solutions to the challenge. Hence, these congenital strengths the woman has successfully displayed should not be ignored as it is instrumental to the growth and development of a social system of every country.