The Three Cardinal Points Of Emotional Intelligence

Subsequently, 3 lecture sessions took place on the first day as follows:

Paper 1: What is Emotional Intelligence delivered by Mr. Isaac Onoja, Paper 2: Domestic Security Strategies Available in Offices, Homes and Immediate Surroundings which was delivered by convener by Dr[Mrs.] Folake Joy Yobah fimc, cmc, Paper 3: Peace and Conflict Management was delivered by Dr [Mr] Paul Aondona

All participants afterwards discussed in an interactive forum the various topics and craved for a need to emulate Emotional Intelligence and Leadership commitment towards building nationhood during their year of service.

The following day witnessed a new dimension as Mr. Isaac Onoja delivered a lecture on “The Effectiveness of Emotional Intelligence for Personal Evaluation – The KCG Approach”.

K – Know Yourself

C – Choose Yourself

G – Give Yourself

Also on the same day was a symposium on Espousing New module of Emotional Intelligence in a new era of security challenges: A practical approach on  Personal emotional management for effective delivery, delivere by Dr[Mrs.] Folake Joy Yobah fimc, cmc.